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News Radio UK is the UK’s all-information service, with a complete round-up of news, sport, travel, business, showbiz and weather in 10 minute block, every 10 minutes. Information is updated throughout the hour, and is designed for occasional listens during the day.

10 minutes when you wake up or on your way to work. 10 minutes during the day or on your lunch break. Then on the way home etc. Think of it like a podcast with the latest info, but always updating, and always ready at the press of a button or visit of an app or website.

And when we say 10 minutes of news when you wake up – it doesn’t matter if you wake up at 20 minutes past the hour, because you’ll hear everything within 10 minutes. We start every 10 minute sequence with UK news, followed by sport, business, showbiz, travel and weather, then catch up with the international news. All written and voiced here in the UK.

We powered by Radio News Hub and INRIX/GTN to bring you headlines and soundbites all day. Listen for 10 minutes, and you’re up-to-date.

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We're in Beta - so the service is still an experiment. We update our news from 6am to 8pm, then from 8pm till 6am we repeat our latest information unless a major story breaks.

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16th July, 18:17

Trump backs Putin over election meddling denial at summit

U.S. President Donald Trump said after meeting Vladimir Putin he saw no reason to believe his own intelligence agencies rather than trust the Kremlin leader over election claims..
16th July, 13:07

First UK vertical spaceport to be built in Scotland

Britain wants to build its first spaceport for launching satellites in Scotland, with the government kick-starting the project..
16th July, 08:22

Former UK minister calls for second vote on Brexit to end stalemate

Justine Greening, an ex-Education Secretary who quit the government in January, says Mays negotiating strategy would neither please those who wanted a clean break with the EU nor those who opposed Brexit altogether..
16th July, 07:10

Downtown Abbey TV series to be turned into a movie

A movie is to be made of "Downton Abbey", the award-winning television period drama about a British household in the early 20th century, and the original stars will reunite for the project..
16th July, 06:13

Speed limit could increase in roadworks area on motorways

Drivers could be allowed to travel at increased speed through motorway roadworks depending on what day of the week they are travelling, under new plans from Highways England..

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