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News Radio UK is the UK’s all-information service, with a complete round-up of news, sport, travel, business, showbiz and weather in 10 minute block, every 10 minutes. Information is updated throughout the hour, and is designed for occasional listens during the day.

10 minutes when you wake up or on your way to work. 10 minutes during the day or on your lunch break. Then on the way home etc. Think of it like a podcast with the latest info, but always updating, and always ready at the press of a button or visit of an app or website.

And when we say 10 minutes of news when you wake up – it doesn’t matter if you wake up at 20 minutes past the hour, because you’ll hear everything within 10 minutes. We start every 10 minute sequence with UK news, followed by sport, business, showbiz, travel and weather, then catch up with the international news. All written and voiced here in the UK.

We powered by Radio News Hub and INRIX/GTN to bring you headlines and soundbites all day. Listen for 10 minutes, and you’re up-to-date.

Listen on our main page at or download one of our apps for Kindle, Android, iPhones, iPads, Apple TV and more. Just search your app store for News Radio UK.

We're in Beta - so the service is still an experiment. We update our news from 6am to 8pm, then from 8pm till 6am we repeat our latest information unless a major story breaks.

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23rd February, 13:55

Stephen Fry says he has prostate cancer

Stephen Fry says he has had surgery to remove his prostate after battling cancer for two months..
23rd February, 12:50

Arsenal land Milan draw in Europa League last 16

Arsenal now know their opponents in the last 16 of the Europa League after being paired with AC Milan..
23rd February, 12:45

US prepares for largest package of sanctions against North Korea

The United States is due to announce its largest package of sanctions against North Korea to pressure the country into giving up its nuclear and missile programmes..
23rd February, 09:20

Royal Bank of Scotland profit milestone overshadowed by DOJ impasse

Royal Bank of Scotland Group reported its first full-year profit in a decade, but Friday’s milestone was bitter-sweet for the British bank which had hoped to get a multi billion-dollar misconduct charge out of the way in 2017..
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