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4th July, 05:55

lockdown lift questions answered

New coronavirus lockdown rules have come into force after being published on Friday afternoon..
3rd July, 07:17

quarantine exemptions england

Ministers are set to reveal a list of countries exempted from the coronavirus quarantine while Boris Johnson will warn the public to act “responsibly” when the lockdown eases..
3rd July, 06:25

maxwell appears in court epstein

Maxwell was arrested in New Hampshire on Thursday and accused of helping the disgraced financier “identify, befriend and groom” multiple girls.
2nd July, 09:06

Leading musicians call for government help for live events

Ed Sheeran, The Rolling Stones and Sir Paul McCartney are among 1,500 music artists and acts calling for urgent Government action to prevent the end of the UK’s “world-leading” live music industry..
2nd July, 09:00

No clear source for coronavirus outbreak in Leicester

The rapid rise of coronavirus cases in Leicester could have been driven by community transmission rather than caused by a specific outbreak, a report has found..
2nd July, 08:57

Williamson to announce schools overhaul for September

Schools in England are expected to be told to overhaul the curriculum, stagger break times and group children into “bubbles” when they return to the classroom..
1st July, 10:20

Business Minister says UK rightly stockpiled drug effective against Covid 19

Business minister Nadhim Zahawi said Government and firms should cooperate to ensure access to coronavirus treatments. Donald Trump’s administration in the US has bought up virtually all stocks for the next three months of remdesivir, a drug shown to work against Covid-19..
1st July, 10:00

RNLI warning after fridge freezers mistaken for wreckage

The RNLI has issued a warning after two fridge-freezers were “dumped” in water off the coast of Aberdeen and mistaken for wreckage. Reports of wreckage in the small harbour in Cove, five miles south of the city, were made at 8.20pm on Tuesday..
1st July, 06:10

Significant numbers from the coronavirus lockdown

After 100 days in lockdown, we look at some of the numbers that have shaped the experience..
1st July, 06:05

Aristocrat waits for Supreme Court ruling on battle with estranged wife

An aristocrat and his estranged wife are waiting for a Supreme Court ruling on their long-running Scotland versus England legal battle. Charles Villiers and Emma Villiers, who lived near Dumbarton and separated after 18 years of marriage, are divorcing in Scotland.
1st July, 06:00

PM to face Commons grilling after ministers order Leicester lockdown

Boris Johnson is to face a fresh grilling over the Government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic amid confusion over the reimposition of lockdown controls in Leicester. One hundred days after restrictions came into force across the country, ministers are facing questions over whether they were too slow to act following a flare up in the east Midlands city..
30th June, 16:03

Government criticised for slow Leicester response

Local leaders have criticised the slow response from the Government and Public Health England (PHE) in sharing case and testing data in Leicester..