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4th April, 14:05

Covid 19 rates will be high for weeks if lockdown is breached

Te coronavirus infection rate will remain high for "weeks and weeks" if people flout the social distancing rules this weekend, a top scientist advising the Government has warned..
4th April, 14:00

Two killed in French terror attack

A man wielding a knife has attacked residents venturing out to shop in a town under lockdown south of the French city of Lyon, killing two people and wounding others, prosecutors said..
4th April, 11:56

Cheltenham Festival organisers defend event after racegoers report symptoms

The organisers of Cheltenham Festival have defended their decision to go ahead last month after fears were raised the mass gathering helped spread coronavirus more widely around the country. The four-day event saw more than 250,000 racegoers attend, despite the pandemic seeing the cancellation of other large sporting events in the days after..
4th April, 10:55

Katy Perry shares update on her baby with fans

Katy Perry has appeared to reveal that she is expecting a baby daughter with her fiance Orlando Bloom..
4th April, 08:59

Sheila Hancock older people must use modern technology during lockdown

Sheila Hancock has urged older people not to be "stuck in the mud" and get on Zoom during lockdown. The actress, 87, recorded a message from her home, making a plea to the elderly to "get on to social media"..
4th April, 06:20

Sir Elton John pledges one million dollars to ensure that HIVAIDS is not forgotten

Sir Elton praised health workers around the world for doing their jobs "so brilliantly".
4th April, 06:02

Cheltenham Festival organisers defend event going ahead last month

Over 60000 racegoers attended.
3rd April, 12:05

Nightingale hospital in London opened

The Prince of Wales has declared NHS Nightingale Hospital London open..
3rd April, 09:52

Ryanair expects minimal if any traffic for two months

Ryanair expects to carry "minimal if any" traffic this April and May as the coronavirus pandemic forces its fleet to stay largely grounded. Both depressed demand and government restrictions have forced Ryanair to stop flying, slashing the number of passengers it carries..
3rd April, 09:35

Coronavirus hit cruise ship Zaandam docks in Florida

A cruise ship on which four people have died, including a 75-year-old British man, has docked in a port in Florida - after previously being denied entry. The cruise-ship Zaandam, which was carrying 200 Britons, recorded nine confirmed cases of Covid-19 on board as well as around 200 people who reported flu-like symptoms..
3rd April, 09:32

Transport firms welcome bailout packages for buses

Transport firms have welcomed the announcement of a Government bailout package to ensure services continue to operate during the coronavirus pandemic..
3rd April, 09:19

Boyzlife hope latest single will become anthem for the elderly

Keith Duffy has said he would like Boyzlifes latest single to become an "anthem" for the elderly during the pandemic. The pop supergroup, formed of Duffy and Westlifes Brian McFadden, are donating the profits from their single You Needed Me to the charity Age UK..
3rd April, 08:17

Britains high street stores suffer worst month on record

Britains high street retailers suffered their worst month on record in March as they were hammered by the Covid-19 lockdown, according to new figures. The latest monthly BDO high street sales tracker saw total like-for-like sales dive 17.9% for the month as shoppers stayed indoors..
3rd April, 07:16

Nightingale Hospital due to open as Matt Hancock sets 100000 daily tests target

The first of the Governments new Nightingale hospitals will open in London on Friday to continue the battle against coronavirus, hours after the Health Secretary pledged to dramatically boost testing figures..
2nd April, 13:00

Goverment must give clear advice to public on healthy eating

A letter has been sent to Environment Secretary George Eustice and chief executive of Public Health England Duncan Selbie.
2nd April, 08:27

Charity launches UKs first free food delivery service for homeless

A charity has launched the first free food delivery service for homeless people in the UK. Caring In Bristol has created Cheers Drive to provide restaurant-quality meals to the most vulnerable during the Covid-19 lockdown..
2nd April, 08:24

Lockdown brewing perfect storm for offenders to abuse children online NSPCC

Children stuck at home using the internet during lockdown is brewing a "perfect storm" for offenders to abuse online, the NSPCC has warned. The childrens charity is concerned that predators could take advantage of the crisis, with social networks relying more heavily on artificial intelligence as human moderators adjust to home working..
2nd April, 08:19

William and Kate phone hospital staff as Covid 19 outbreak intensifies

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have telephoned two UK hospitals as the coronavirus outbreak continues to intensify. William and Kate chatted to staff from University Hospital Monklands in Scotland and Queens Hospital Burton in the Midlands during Wednesday afternoon..
2nd April, 08:13

Covid 19 patients could have treatment withdrawn to save others

Coronavirus patients could have their treatment withdrawn and offered to others who are more likely to survive, new guidance for doctors has warned. The British Medical Associations (BMA) latest ethics advice said health professionals could be forced to make "grave decisions" should hospitals become overwhelmed with patients..