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14th August, 06:27

Storms to continue as England hit by flash flooding

Thunderstorm warnings are in place for most of England and all of Wales after heavy rain and flash flooding brought disruption to roads and railways on Thursday night..
14th August, 06:23

UK adds France to quarantine list Heres what it means for holidaymakers

France has been removed from the list of safe countries people can travel to without going into quarantine following fears it could be experiencing a second wave of Covid-19..
13th August, 09:35

Thousands of A level results downgraded after exams cancelled because of Covid

Thousands of pupils’ results have been downgraded after this year’s summer exams were cancelled because of Covid-19 despite record-high results..
13th August, 09:32

Study suggests 6 of people in England have had Covid 19

Some 3.4 million people in England have been infected with Covid-19, a figure far higher than previous estimates, a study suggests..
13th August, 06:51

Students receive A level results after exams cancelled

Students are waking up to their A-level results amid last-minute changes to appeals, with around one in four entries expected to be awarded the top grades..
12th August, 13:51

Passenger train derails in Scotland

A train driver is believed to have died and there are fears of a second fatality after a train derailed in Aberdeenshire amid heavy rain and flooding, industry sources have said..
12th August, 08:06

Wolves out of Europa League Sevilla to face Manchester United

Nuno Espirito Santo says nobody is blaming Raul Jimenez for missing a penalty as Wolves’ first European quarter-final in 48 years ended in heartbreak against Sevilla..
12th August, 08:05

UK enters biggest recession in history

Britain has officially entered into the largest recession on record after figures showed the pandemic sent the economy plunging by 20.4% between April and June..
11th August, 16:07

Pupils to receive original marks estimated by teachers Swinney announces

Scotland’s Education Secretary has said more than 124,000 exam results downgraded by a controversial moderation process will revert to the grades estimated by pupils’ teachers..
11th August, 13:24

Debenhams to axe 2500 jobs

Debenhams is to axe 2,500 jobs across its stores and warehouses as the retailer looks to slash costs after sales were impacted by the coronavirus lockdown..
11th August, 08:25

Pupils return to classrooms for first time since lockdown began

Pupils will return to the classroom as Scottish schools become the first in the UK to begin reopening as lockdown is eased..
11th August, 08:18

Around 730000 jobs lost since lockdown started

Around 730,000 UK workers have been removed from the payrolls of British companies since March when the coronavirus lockdown began, according to new data from the Office for National Statistics..
10th August, 14:15

Johnson Migrant crossings bad stupid dangerous and criminal

Boris Johnson has branded migrants’ Channel crossings a “very bad and stupid and dangerous and criminal thing to do” as he hinted at changing laws to tackle the crisis..
10th August, 09:51

Household plastic waste footprint has increased during lockdown survey shows

British households have created an increasing amount of plastic waste in lockdown, a survey of the problem suggests..
10th August, 08:32

Gyms swimming pools and leisure centres reopen in Wales

Gyms, swimming pools, leisure centres and indoor fitness studios are reopening in Wales after being closed because of the Covid-19 lockdown..
10th August, 06:47

Sean Connery voted best ever James Bond

Sean Connery has been voted as the best ever James Bond. The Scottish actor saw off competition from stars including Daniel Craig, Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan in the poll for
9th August, 09:15

Britons set for another hot day before severe thunderstorms strike

Many Britons are set to bask in another hot day, with temperatures in the 30s (Celsius)..
9th August, 08:10

More than 500 migrants cross English Channel to Britain in three days

More than 500 migrants have crossed the English Channel to the UK in just three days..
9th August, 08:05

Johnson would close shops and pubs ahead of schools in severe local lockdowns

Boris Johnson has spoken of “a moral duty” to get all children back in class amid indications he would force pubs, restaurants and shops to close ahead of schools in the event of severe coronavirus flare-ups..
8th August, 08:15

Mixing in pubs led to new local lockdown measures in Preston

Households mixing in pubs and houses has been blamed for a rise in coronavirus cases in Preston as the city became the latest area to have local lockdown restrictions imposed..