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News Radio UK runs a rolling news format from 6am to 8pm. Whenever you tune in, you'll hear today's news, sport, business, showbiz, travel and weather headlines within 10 minutes.

Our 10 minute sequence looks roughly like this:

00:00 UK and International News
00:03 Sport
00:05 Travel Information
00:06 Business
00:07 Showbiz
00:08 Weather
00:09 Station info and countdown to the next 10 minutes

So if you only want to hear travel news - make sure you listen 'On the fives!', or make a mental note that the latest sport news will also be on-air at 01, 11, 21, 31, 41 and 51 minutes past every hour.

We publish breaking news updates on Twitter @NewsRadioUK and update our rolling news as soon as possible. We'll also interrupt the 10 minute format with breaking news should we need to.

News Radio UK is in beta, which means we are testing the service 'as live' and we may change our hours, content, broadcast platforms and services offered at any time.


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